We offer a range of services that make sure your gear is up to standard before you use it. Our trained staff will have your equipment up and running within a few days, so you can get back to work.

- Gas Monitor Calibrations & Service
- Fit Test for Respirators
- Respirator Cleaning & Maintenance

Equipment Rentals

We rent a large variety of safety equipment so if you require specialized safety equipment for short term use, this is your best option.

*Please check with us to ensure availability.

We have instruments available to measure the following:

- Decibel Levels
- Various Gases & Oxygen Levels
- Wind Speeds

As well as the following equipment available to rent:

- Tripods & Winches
- Harnesses & Lanyards
- SCBA's and SABA's (Self Contained Breathing Equipment)
- Four Head Gas Detectors